The Ultimate Guide to Who Makes Ruud Air Conditioners

Whenever you think of a good air conditioner, you always prefer it with scroll compressors,right? But do you know who invented this gadget and introduced its work procedure? Well, it was no other than Ruud. Since the early 1900s, they were the first to use it.

But do you know who makes Ruud air conditioners? Rheem, the American hvac company with more than 100 years of experience manufactures all the equipment of Ruud now. They acquired it in 1960 and both the companies work with the same plants, employees nowadays.

In this article, I’ll also talk about its origin and the ultimate manufacturing procedure to make you comfortable with this brand. So, without any further ado, let’s get into the article!

Who Makes Ruud Air Conditioners?

As of 2023, Rheem is the main owner who acquired Ruud and they are now producing all their items. The company got the authority in 1960, and since then, all the plants are being used by Rheem alone. Rheem manufactures both the Ruud and Rheem hvac products respectively.

It was Edwin Ruud after whom the name was chosen for becoming the first person to take the initiative. They have a long history of inventing several new technologies in hvac units. Among those, the automatic water heater is the main one.

It took nearly 60 years for the industry to grow out in a developed shape, but then, it was all about flourishing. Apart from the air conditioners, Ruud manufactures many other equipment like- heating pumps, furnaces, and cooling extensions for the last 100 years.

About the Rheem

Rheem was named after the brothers Richard Rheem and Donald Rheem. They were inherently the owner of Standard Oil company of California since 1925. The brothers then chose a different mode to work on- starting with galvanized steel equipment.

The Rheem brothers bought Pacific Galvanizing and the Republic Steel package company and expanded their business overseas. Gradually, these steel companies turned into hvac brands with more than 5 branches worldwide.

Not to forget, Rheem was the first company to introduce scroll compressors in ac’s. Also, they were the one who invented 14 SEER condensing units before Goodman, Carrier or Lennox. Reportedly, the company stands at 5th position with a 12% of market share.

Where are Ruud Air Conditioners Made?

The main owner, Edwin Ruud was a Norwegian immigrant who lived in Pennsylvania. So, when the company started, he established his first headquarter there. He built at least 4 headquarters in different corners of the world but currently, all their equipment is mostly manufactured in North America.

With this phase of time, Ruud acquired as many as 4 to 5 companies and added several heating and cooling gadgets to their list. So, every time they built a new office or plant to operate their infrastructure from those specific points.

Following that, the establishment of the Kalamazoo plant, Alabama plant after buying HTPG group, and new office CA took place. But as most of their customers are USA based, Ruud shares the sole product manufacturing process from the Northern part.

Ruud Vs. Rheem: Are They The Same Brand?

As the products and plants remain the same, people get to the edge of confusion whether or not they possess the same origin. But to clarify your thoughts- they are perfectly different, but with the same authorship. Yes, Rheem acquired Ruud in 1960, but their procedure is diverse.

  • Rheem was established in 1925 in Richmond, California. Ruud was also established in the same year but in a different area, namely Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  • Rheem has several divisions. Such as- Rheem water, Rheem air, Raypak etc. But Ruud is a single company that works under Rheem now with only HVAC products on their list.
  • Ruud has a more solid construction that really helps to ensure durability. But it also becomes heavier and louder. Whereas Rheem is a bit lighter, as well as quieter.
  • Ruud has a lower budget plan, no matter if you buy an entire ac, or just a condenser. Rheem air conditioners are quite costly on that note. But the difference occurs due to the infrastructure- Ruud uses aluminum coil instead of copper materials, but Rheem uses better ones to upgrade their construction.

Is Ruud a Good HVAC Brand?

With long wires, two- stage operations and durability assurance- who wouldn’t want to have one? But before buying, you mustn’t listen to what people say, but check the features yourself for a better understanding. Here’s why you can trust Ruud-

Better AIr and Water Control

This system provides you with the option to save your extra energy bills. A thorough coil cleaning is ensured by the presence of a single row condenser system. The use of few cabinet fasteners makes the model lightweight and better cooling thoroughly.

Best Base Pans

These come with one of the quietset base systems that not only reduces noise, but also helps eliminate any corrosion that the unit might experience otherwise. It boasts an amazing scroll compressor that uses more than 70% of moving parts for better reliability.

Easy Installation and Removal

The air conditioners have increased cabinet rigidity and strength. Also, it has longer wires that allow for easy installation and easy removal. Its ultimate coil protection is insured via the curved louver panels. Moreover, it has less relative sear than any other ac brands!

How Long is The Ruud AC Warranty?

Ruud offers you several types of hvac products with specific models. Such as- air conditioners, heat pumps, air handlers , gas furnaces etc. And the good news is, you can claim warranty on any of these products if you follow their steps to claim it.

As for air conditioners, Ruud has a specific plan on providing a 10 year and a 5 year warranty. It gives a 10 year warranty on scroll compressors. But for the entire air conditioner unit, you’ll get a 5 years of warranty.

One more thing you need to understand here- you can claim this offer only if you have registered your product after the installation. You can do it with your serial number and other details. To know more on that note, simply visit their website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Who owns Ruud?

At present, Rheem corporation is the sole owner of the Ruud industry.

What is the price range of Ruud air conditioners?

It ranges between $3000 to $4000.

Is Ruud better than Trane?

If you want a better SEER, then Trane is preferable. But for overall pricing and durability, Ruud is obviously better.


A single article to answer a specific question is not that much helpful- I know that. But when you are confused about who makes Ruud air conditioners and don’t know where to find them, I guarantee this is your only go- to content.

Ask me more if you have queries and stay safe!


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