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Who Makes Dacor Appliances?

Dacor appliances are made by Samsung Electronics America. Samsung acquired Dacor in 2016, bolstering its position in the premium kitchen appliance market.

However, Dacor maintains significant autonomy as a distinct brand within Samsung. This independence allows them to:

  • Retain its unique identity: Dacor continues to focus on crafting luxury kitchen appliances, prioritizing innovation, design, and performance.
  • Leverage Samsung’s resources: Dacor gains access to Samsung’s global reach, manufacturing expertise, and research and development capabilities, enhancing its overall competitiveness.
  • Maintain dedicated teams: Dedicated engineers, designers, and marketing specialists within Dacor ensure brand consistency and cater to the specific needs of their target audience.

Where Are Dacor Appliances Made?

Dacor appliances are manufactured in City of Industry, California. Dacor maintains its US-based manufacturing, corporate identity, and brand even though Samsung, a South Korean-based corporation, acquired the Dacor brand.

Dacor Brand Overview

OwnerSamsung Electronics America
FounderStanley M. Joseph
HeadquartersRidgefield Park, New Jersey, US
IndustryKitchen appliances

Dacor Appliance Owner History

The Dacor appliance brand was founded in 1965 by Stanley M. Joseph in California. Driven by a vision of elevating home cooking experiences, Dacor focused on crafting premium ranges and ovens.

Throughout the decades, Dacor expanded its offerings, incorporating innovative features and design elements, solidifying its reputation as a high-end luxury appliance brand.

In 2016, the acquisition by Samsung Electronics America marked a significant shift, offering new resources and global reach. However, Dacor continues to honor its legacy of innovation and high-end craftsmanship, evident in its sleek designs, advanced technology, and emphasis on performance.

Although Dacor is now a subsidiary of Samsung, Dacor operates with significant independence, crafting its own path in the high-end appliance sector of the market.

What Kind of Appliances Does Dacor Make?

Dacor makes high-premium kitchen appliances, such as ranges, wall ovens, cooktops, ventilation, refrigeration, grills, and dishwashers. Dacor caters to a discerning clientele seeking to transform their kitchens into culinary havens with luxury appliances.

Dacor’s product range includes:

  • Cooking Appliances: Ranges, cooktops, wall ovens, and microwaves, renowned for their powerful burners, precise temperature control, and innovative features like steam cooking and induction technology.
  • Refrigeration: Premium refrigerators and freezers featuring advanced storage solutions, intelligent cooling systems, and sleek design aesthetics.
  • Ventilation: High-performance range hoods and ventilation systems designed to efficiently eliminate cooking odors and smoke.
  • Dishwashers: Powerful and stylish dishwashers equipped with various wash cycles and innovative features for effective cleaning.

Furthermore, Dacor categorizes its appliances into distinct lines:

  • Professional: Their top-of-the-line models offering unparalleled performance, cutting-edge features, and professional-grade construction.
  • Pro-Style: Combines professional performance with user-friendly features and modern design.
  • Heritage: High-quality and stylish appliances offering core functionalities at a slightly lower price point.

This segmentation allows you to choose the perfect Dacor appliance based on your culinary aspirations, budget, and desired level of features and performance for the kitchen.

Is Dacor a Good Appliance Brand?

Dacor is a good appliance brand that has established itself as a high quality, reliable luxury appliance manufacturer. Dacor appliances are a top choice for consumers and professional cooks who want a range of premium performance kitchen appliances in their homes.

Deciding if Dacor is a “good” brand for you; however, depends on your priorities and expectations.

Here’s a breakdown:


  • Premium performance: Delivers professional-grade power, precision, and cooking capabilities for an elevated culinary experience.
  • Luxury design: Sleek and modern aesthetics that enhance the elegance and functionality of your kitchen.
  • Innovation: Pioneering new technologies and features, offering cutting-edge functionality for discerning cooks.
  • Durability: Built with high-quality materials and construction for long-lasting performance.
  • Strong warranty: Backed by a comprehensive warranty, demonstrating confidence in their products, such as a 6-year warranty for refrigeration parts and labor and 12 years for parts only.


  • Price: Dacor appliances often carry a higher price tag compared to mainstream brands, reflecting their premium materials, features, and performance.
  • Limited availability: Availability might be limited compared to major brands, requiring specialized retailers or direct purchase through Dacor.
  • Potential repair costs: As premium appliances, repair costs might be higher than average.
  • Brand perception: Not as widely recognized as some competitor brands, despite its long history and high quality.

f you prioritize performance, innovation, and a luxurious kitchen experience, and are willing to invest in a higher price point, Dacor could be an excellent choice. However, if budget is a major concern, and widespread availability and brand recognition are important factors, another brand might be a better fit.

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