Who Makes Forno Refrigerators? Are They Good Enough?

When I think about style and fabrication together, the first thing that comes into mind is European models- be it home appliances or outdoor gadgets. Forno, the European brand of refrigerators and hundreds of home appliances stand on that list precisely.

But no matter how much I prefer a brand, it’s better if you look at the aspects and background like- who makes Forno refrigerators and its manufacturing unit to be sure. As it’s going to be your decision at the end, don’t forget to read the whole article before making a move.

Stay with us, and know what you have craved for these days.

Who Makes Forno Refrigerators?

Forno corporation makes their own products which include a list of high- end home gadgets. It is a Montreal-based kitchen equipment manufacturer that has been in operation since 1996. Refrigerators, freezers, cooktops, ovens, and even wine coolers are all available at Forno.

For a variety of reasons, Forno has been a successful appliance brand. One of them is that their products can stand on their own merits, as seen by the numerous five-star evaluations they have gotten across multiple platforms.

Customers are happy about the things they receive, and this is to be anticipated given the high quality of the products at such low costs. The products are “Beautiful and functional,” according to some 5-star reviews, and “Great style and service,” according to others.

About the Manufacturer


  • Company name- Forno
  • Established- 1996
  • Manufacturer- Forno Appliances
  • Headquarters- Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The FORNO brand of appliances adheres to the most up-to-date European designs and production procedures since 1996, ensuring that they are both durable and dependable. It’s based on the time-honoured Italian tradition of cooking with an open stone oven, “FORNO.”

This concept made its way across the Atlantic to Montreal, Quebec, Canada, where the European cooking tradition and the art of making delicious meals has become the focal point of all family gatherings.

In addition to being attractive, Forno items are designed to be simple to maintain. Forno cooktops, for example, are constructed to the highest standards, allowing you to achieve unrivaled precision cooking. Their cooktop produces amazing results, especially when compared to competitor brands. All Forno goods are known for their high quality.

Where are Forno Refrigerators Made?

Forno is a renowned name in the home appliances industry which is based in Canada. It is headuartered in Montrea, Quebec, Canada from where its main gadgets are manufactured. The first time when Forno products were produced, it focused on tis artistic style.

It later became the reason of fame in USA too. That’s why almost 50% of the Forno products, especially the Freezers are made in the USA sector

Is Forno Made in China?

Forno corporation do have an office in China, but they are mainly headquartered in Canada. Forno is a canadian company who started their productivity in China since 1996.

It is somewhat relevant to Ancona as both of their origin seems to be of Chinese authorization. As the Ancona brand used to sell “disposable products”, there might be a confusion to get a faulty product too in terms of Forno.

But on that note the director of US sales reassures that Forno is not a Chinese company, rather based in Montreal and sub- originated in South California.

Forno Refrigerator Reviews

If you are seeking for a professional style refrigerator at a fraction of the cost, Forno has 3 possibilities for you- French door style, side- by- side freezers and Bottom- freezer refrigerators.

French door Freezers

Glass shelves that can be adjusted in French doors provide a stable platform while allowing light to pass through and illuminate the bottom. You can rearrange or remove them for more storage options or to make cleaning easier.

This fridge also comes with a unique alarm system. If the interior temperature is above 15°C (59°F) for more than 36 hours while in fridge mode, the high-temperature alert will ring. Every thirty minutes, the High Temp indication light will illuminate, and the appliance will produce a buzzing sound for 10 seconds.

To silence the high-temperature alarm, press any button on the display. When the interior temperature falls below 12°C (54°F), the alarm will automatically switch off.

Side-by-Side Freezers

This professional-grade refrigerator and freezer has all the bells and whistles without breaking the bank.

It includes two 13.8 cu. ft. capacity refrigerators that can be converted to freezers. You can pick between cooling and freezing; both zones are interchangeable and can be set to any temperature between -18 and +6 degrees Fahrenheit.

LED illumination, no frost design, and electronic control with LED display are also included. The no-frost design keeps food fresher for longer and prevents ice and bacteria build-up, as well as foul odors.

Is Forno a Good Brand of Refrigerator?

According to their website, one of Forno’s goals is to change your kitchen with a new era of kitchen equipment. You may modify the aesthetic of your kitchen with flair, performance, and safety when you have Forno in your house.

Forno ensures that all of their products have a distinctive appearance while still keeping up with current home design trends with their freezers. In addition to being attractive, Forno items are designed to be simple to maintain.

Their refrigerators, for example, are constructed to the highest standards, allowing you to achieve unrivaled precision storing. Finally, Forno ensures that their products have safety features to provide their clients peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the warranty of Forno appliances?

You will get 1 year for parts and labour 2 years of guarantee for parts only.

Who owns Forno appliances?

Forno corporation owns their products and manufactures them.

What is the price range for Forno Refrigerators?

On an average note, it ranges from $1,000 to $5,000.


Anyone who has been in dilemma regarding Forno gadgets, remain confused about who makes Forno refrigerators for a long time according to reports. That is why I chose thos topic to answer today and share my views!

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